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Public Events, Contests, and Films
This newsletter highlights upcoming public events at Perimeter, including upcoming lectures, contests, festivals and films, as well as our Classical World Artists concert series.

Slice of PI
A fun, monthly series for science lovers. Featuring quizzes, listicles, posters and more!

High School Physics Programs and Events
Free, downloadable lesson compilations and posters as well as news about upcoming student awards, conferences and events near you. Emailed once per month from September - June.

Inside the Perimeter Magazine
Inside the Perimeter is a semi-annual magazine highlighting significant research, training, outreach, donor, and general community activities at Perimeter Institute.

Women in Physics
The Emmy Noether Newsletter is a celebration of women's scientific contributions and accomplishments. It includes articles about women in STEM and information about Perimeter's Emmy Noether Initiatives.

Scientific Conferences and Positions
Updates about upcoming scientific conferences and available faculty positions at Perimeter, emailed as application deadlines approach. 

Advancement Announcements
This monthly newsletter keeps those who support Perimeter's initiatives in the know about physics news, events, and the latest on how donations make a difference at Perimeter.

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